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Corporate Law

Gray & Co. specialises in providing clients with local (Panama) corporate entities, whether these be IBCs (International Business Companies or Sociedades Anónimas as they are known in Panama), local operating corporations, Limited Liability Companies (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) or other types of companies.   

Our lawyers are conversant with not only Panamanian corporations, but also the entities which are available in a number of other jurisdictions (such as Anguilla, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, and Nevis) which may be of interest to various clients.  We are also conversant with matters of corporate governance as it applies to onshore and offshore companies.  The lawyer in charge of corporate law in Gray & Co. is Beth Gray

Setting up companies in Panama is relatively easy.  However, if you intend on doing business in Panama with the corporation, and not simply using the corporation as an investment vehicle, then you should indicate this from the start.  That way, you will be provided with the complete costs of establishing the business vehicle, and not simply with the costs of incorporating the company. 

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Once the corporation is established, we can assist with the preparation of shareholder agreements, indemnity agreements between shareholders & directors, corporate resolutions (of the shareholders and/or directors) and any documents relating to stock-swaps, share purchases, etc. 

See also:  Corporate Law Resources; Annual Renewal Fees; Panama Corporation links

Before requesting the establishment of an offshore company or structure of any kind, we recommend that clients seek appropriate tax advice in their country of origin rather than simply relying on information found on the internet.  Although we are completely comfortable with the use of offshore entities for asset protection and privacy purposes, we are aware that many clients seek to use offshore entities for tax planning purposes also.  As lawyers licensed to practice in Panama, we are only qualified to provide advice regarding the laws of Panama and not those of other jurisdictions, and therefore recommend that you seek appropriate counsel in your country of residence and/or citizenship.

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