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Other Documents & Services - Panama

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2010 our sales tax (ITBMS) has increased to 7% and applies to all services offered by law firms, and will be charged accordingly to clients. 

Authentication Services

$60.00 Notarisation of documents in Panama (per document)
$115.00 Apostille of documents in Panama (per document)
Varies Authentication of document in Consulate  $60.00 Notarisation
$40.00 Foreign Affairs
$XX.00 Varies at each consulate 

Power of Attorney

$160.00 Power of Attorney (simple paper, not notarised)
$230.00 Power of Attorney (simple paper, with notarisation & Apostille)
$230.00 Power of Attorney (as Public Deed - Escritura Pública)
$290.00 Power of Attorney (as Public Deed, with Apostille)


$450.00 Change of Name 
$400.00 Change of Foundation Council or Board of Directors
$250.00 Change of Registered Agent 
varies Increase of Authorised Capital (sliding scale of costs according to capital)


$30.00 Certified copies of documents (by Registered Agent Certification) 
$90.00 Certificate of Incumbency by Registered Agent - includes basic details of the corporation/foundation 
$180.00 Certificate of Good Standing - issued by the Public Registry  
$230.00 Certificate of Good Standing - issued by the Public Registry, with Apostille  
$10.00/page Certified copy of Public Registry documents
$90.00 Certified copy of Public Registry documents by Registered Agent (only applies where Gray & Co. is the Registered Agent of the Company and has original documents from which to provide the certification)
n/a Certificate of Incorporation (need to request a Certificate of Good Standing, since the Panamanian Public Registry does not issue a Cert. of Incorporation)


no charge Name check - to ensure availability 
$45.00 Company Search at Public Registry - report provided by email 
$50.00 Company Search at Tax Department (MEF), to find out if in Good Standing - report of outstanding Government Fees provided by email.
$70.00 Courier delivery of documents 
$1,000.00 Opening of Bank Account in Panama
$750.00 Provision of Nominee Signatories on the Account (this does not exempt the beneficial owner from providing full due diligence documentation to the bank)
varies Mail-Forwarding Services
varies Legal Opinion Letters (minimum $300.00)
varies Preparation of Minutes & Resolutions (minimum $75.00)
$25.00 Preparation of New Share Certificate(s) + $15.00 per additional certificate
varies Preparation of Resolution with Notarisation & Apostille (minimum $125.00)
$75.00 Preparation of Resolution authorising issuance of additional share certificate or change of how shares are issued + $15.00 for each additional share certificate. 
$520.00 Dissolution of the Company (where no liquidation of assets required).  Please request information if the company is active or has had an active business at any time. 
Payments can be made via Visa or Mastercard.  Please see our Credit Card Authorisation Form.

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